Something going on or something on Rhode Island Avenue

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I meant to take a picture but after dinner I was too tired and too angry and frustrated with a bit of technology (my computer is 5+ years old and showing it's age) to do the post dinner stroll down to the 900-1000 block of Rhode Island Ave NW. A building attached to the Phyllis Wheatley YWCA that has looked vacant and unused since before I lived in Shaw (11 years) has had part of it's front shaved off. This gives me hope as it is one of those buildings that seemed to have resisted any improvement during the housing and development boom years.

UPDATE- Mr. ReNew Shaw has more information and drawings.

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Check in with the folks at 2C (like Rachelle Nigro). I seem to remember her tweeting something at the last ANC meeting about it turning into an office building.

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