Priced for a quick sale

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1622-1624 4thST
This is an old photo as the red house, not for sale, has been painted and the white house, which is for sale, has been painted white. 1622 4th St NW is for sale for the low low friggin low price of $165,000. If the seller isn't aiming for a quick sale I'm not sure what his motivation is. The question is how many days will it stay on the market for before an investor snaps it up.
It says it is livable, but this thing is a gut job. From what little I know, there has been minimal maintenance on the property. The paint job came from a developer of the adjoining house who realized the peeling paint was making his job of selling his house harder. It once had a wood picket fence, but it deteriorated.
Seriously, even for a gut job this is cheap. It is in NW. Within 10-15 minutes walk from a metro. Houses on that side of the block (of similar size but better quality) have sold in the $300-$400K range.

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