Practicality and Innocent til proved guilty makes moral outrage pointless

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I forget which local station went a looking for outraged Ward 5 voters and found none, but instead got a wait and see attitude. Also the charges are in a civil suit, not criminal charges so, yeah. So even if found guilty, he isn't going anywhere and there is no point in making enemies in this one party town. To note it was Tim Day (along with the DC GOP), requested the US Attorney investigate CM Harry Thomas Jr back in October. Day ran against Thomas for the Ward 5 seat as a Republican.
Then there is there is 'innocent until proven guilty.' Unfortunately there is a strong culture of sloppy bookkeeping among local DC groups, and hopefully maybe this will inspire scores of DC non-profits that do things for 'our young people' (apparently you're not supposed to look too close if it's for youth) or whatever to clean up their finances.
This is a one party town, it came from a Republican request, and the fact that this is just a civil (not criminal) suit hints at a lack of enthusiasm in pursuing this. Thomas isn't going anywhere, even if the charges are true, and there are still projects and other work to be done in Ward 5, so any moral outrage right now is premature and pointless.
As far as the crayola gang of local political scandal with Barry flava crystals, I am reminded of something said (I think) during the Cromwellian period of England's history, the angels have better things to do than to involve themselves in the affairs of government or politics.

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