Marauding hordes of teens

This happened while I was at church so it's second hand but I believe the source completely. Yesterday we had our Tater Tots and Mojitos party in the middle of the afternoon, and I left, my husband, "the Help" in charge so the party could go on, even though it was supposed to end, and left for church. When I came back, the party was over and the Help told me of the excitement I missed.
While I was gone, 20 teenagers were in the middle of the road and on the sidewalk, blocking traffic and blowing off firecrackers. A neighbor on that side of the road came out and yelled at them to stop. Then she went back into her house and grabbed her dog. Upon seeing the dog they scattered a bit, running as if the dog frightened them. Then they came on our side of the road and on our sidewalk. The Help was watching them and they continued to horse around. When the horseplay wandered into one of our neighbor's yards, the Help came out yelled at them telling them they should take their firecrackers and leave. He then followed it by saying he was calling the cops and had his cell phone out and pressed some buttons. They then left. At least one teen said, "please don't call the cops."
My only criticism of the Help was that he should have used the house cordless phone, just in case these were the cell phone stealing kind of teens. Also the the house phone is a land line, our address should show up for the dispatcher.
Yes, July 4th is getting nearer.


If you are near Georgia Avenue, it might've been teens disbanding from the Caribean festival. It's always rowdy at that event but this year was the worst. Four people were shot on georgia, a block from my house. It was something gang-related and, of course, the one person who died was a bystander and not the intended target.

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