Gah, it's haawt

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I want to garden. I did garden and then I ran back inside the house where I have the A/C going down to 78F. Normally we have it at 80F, but the heat made me crazy and I turned it down. Even with getting the PEPCO bill, which I thought was a little high ($121) I kept the temperature low. I also forgot to call the aunt as we are to check on elderly relatives. She has A/C and cable, she isn't going anywhere, and if she does, her car has A/C.

I'm not too worried about the plants in the ground. The plants in pots need attention. I've got some green tomatoes on some plants, flowers on the beans, flowers on the eggplant, the purslane and lambs quarters are doing fine and then I ran back inside. All the pots, except the window boxes, got water.

Oh summer gardening is gonna be fun.

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