DC Housing Finance Agency's Bond Mortgage Problem

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I tried clearing up the deal with the compliance form I got from the DC Housing Finance Agency (HFA).  I blogged about the problem a few days ago. Anyway, I called the number on the letter I got and did get a call back, after a couple of messages. My sympathies go out to the woman on the other end. She's trying to get compliance from program participants with apparently little to no enforcement powers. Because HUD requires HFA to send out these letters and forms, I'm gonna get a form, regardless of the fact I did not receive extra funds, outside an awesomely low interest rate loan, nor signed up for 15 years.

Apparently in HFA's system, they are under the impression I got downpayment assistance. Nope. I stated that I looked in the paperwork I kept and I did not see a thing about that, and I did not receive money from DC HFA. She said I was the second person to say that. Um, maybe that's a hint that HFA has some faulty data. I was told to look at my HUD settlement statement. Later that day I did. Under the amounts paid by borrower, yes, I wrote the check for the earnest money deposit and the home inspector out of my own account. I now have to figure out where my bank statements are (if I had not already shredded them) from 10 years ago so I can see the withdrawal from my account for the cashiers check I brought to the closing table.

The woman on the other end did ask very nicely that I comply because it would help the program out. I guess I make for a good data point being I've stayed in my home for 10 years, in a target area. However, on principal I don't want to partake in a lie. I did not take funds from DC HFA. I remember it was hard enough to get the woman who was processing the loan to get a move on, trying to squeeze something extra wouldn't have been worth the headache. If DC HFA has it in their system that people got thousands of dollars, who didn't get thousands of dollars, then they've got a problem.

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