Banana Chips, arugula, purslane, and peas

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Banana chipsPeas are done. Done. I pulled up the plants and put some of them in the compost to add some nitrogen. Ones that still had something got blanched and thrown in the freezer.

Last night, I made a salad with some arugula (despite the fact that the Help doesn't like it), lamb's quarters, a small bit of salad greens and purslane. Oh, I love purslane, however there isn't enough growing in my yard. I also gave my neighbor a handful of arugula after I tried to wash most of the slugs and dirt off. My those greens are spicy!

Also last night I took some bananas getting ripe on the counter and threw them in a dehydrator we got. This morning banana chips, 100% banana, no added sugar. They were crispy but not rock hard like the ones you can buy. I threw them in some multigrain hot cereal, yum. Wish I had some honey from my suburban friend's bees to go with it.

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