Ward Changes

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The Shaw Neighborhood Yahoo listserv is interesting regarding the possible changes to the Ward 2 to possibly Ward 6 changes. I'm in the TC part of Shaw, which is in Ward 5 (we were all one neighborhood before the Ward system that popped up in the 70s). It appears the need for Ward 2 to dump some areas means Shaw is going to get fractured some more with parts going off to Ward 6. Central Shaw's relationship with Councilmember Jack Evans has been rocky, so a switch over may be helpful.

However, when and where the change occurs there will be some adjustment problems when other politcal boundaries don't match up with other borders, like police boundaries. Also there is the adjustment of dealing with new staff of councilmembers or the mayor's ward whatever staff.

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I live right on the border of Wards (5/2) and I was hoping to see the 5th move farther into the 2nd to perhaps get additional attention on Shaw issues with our Councilman. Mixing the 6th into Shaw is probably not beneficial to improving the Shaw neighborhood... I wonder where the lines will fall.

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