Ward 6 draft, an interesting shape

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The Shaw Neighborhood listserv is abuzz. Take a gander or a goose at this plan map and note how the Convention Center gets to stay in Ward 2 and the areas that CM Evans finds troublesome gets kicked over to Ward 6. The Ward 5 part of Shaw, aka Truxton, stays in Ward 5, unchanged.

Ward boundaries have a way of redefining neighborhood boundaries because of the city representatives and their staff that you have to deal with. It also redefines it because the neighborhood resources in the form of people, the organizers and the like interact less and less, I'm thinking of Ofc. Tommy Barnes when my area was no longer part of the 3rd District. Also note how Truxton is considered at many times as not part of Shaw. Those points west of 9th and the Convention Center won't be considered part of Shaw in time as new people from other parts of the country move in.

Also CM Jack Evans is getting to keep Gallery Place, Mt. Vernon Triangle (dumping the 1/2 the Square neighborhood) and the cool parts of downtown. He's also getting a more Anglo hood. There will still be some blacks and latinos in Ward 2, but think about the census maps showing racial majorities, he's getting a whiter ward. As much as I like Jack (from a distance) it's better this way. Unlike CM Graham or CM Wells, he hasn't been able to deal well with racial-income diversity problems, it's just not in his politico skills toolbox. I still think he's make a better Council Chair than Brown.

Addition- Oh, that tiny portion of southern Truxton that was part of Ward 6, welcome to Ward 5.

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Mari ... that southern part of Mount Vernon Square (not Truxton) that was moved out of Ward 6 to Ward 5 (less than 200 residents) isn't coming quietly. They've built a solid relationship with Ward 6 and ANC 6C and are an integral part of the work done in ANC 6C. They are physically separated from Ward 5 now by Dunbar High School, CAPS school and the New York Avenue Playground - that's not going to change and they will still be a small separate enclave forgotten by Ward 5 (they forget the residents exist now when they schedule events at Dunbar or at the playgournd)

... it's not a done deal ... and as they say "the fat lady hasn't sung yet"

Rob Amos
President, Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association

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