Tuesday Miscellaney-Trees, Thomas and Food

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Yesterday was the BACA meeting. It was a good meeting. Low on the negativity. When we wandered in Carl Herwig from Casey Trees was speaking. The good news is that they will plant fruit trees, but not orange trees, because the cirtus will die in winter. Also if you need the big black buckets you can call the city at 311 or find Caseys offices and bug them.

Harry Thomas Jr. showed up around 8 something. This is why I like Thomas and dislike that idiot Orange. Thomas shows up at our meetings. My last impression of Orange, when he was the Ward 5 councilman, was that he was vaguely aware that there was a NW portion of his ward. Anyway he talked about anti-bullying legislation, the budget, Dunbar (there was a speaker at the meeting to talk about the modernization project), and the superstar athlete tax. There was some chatter about taxing $200K households and why taxing $100K households would include too many people. My thoughts, now that I'm in a dual income household is two GS-9 step 1 is $103,260, only to head up with step increases and whenever the pay freeze thaws. Taxes can punish the fact that one of the partners (usually the woman) is working. I've already experienced a negativity when I've had to write my biggest check to the IRS, because the legal marriage was in 2010.

Anyway, we left the meeting at 9:03, so if there was anything said about a community garden, something I was looking forward to hearing, we missed it. It was on the agenda.

Community gardens may be on the agenda for Bread of the City (with ONE DC and Common Good City Farm)'s "Food Justice" Saturday May 7th at Community Church at 614 S St NW. If the lottery for the 40 plots at Common Good City Farm said anything, there is a HUGE demand for community gardens in the city. Over 200 people were trying for 40 plots. In all honesty if ONE DC is involved, I get wary about the defintion of 'community' as my GS-9 couple would be excluded in that definition. However, despite not getting a plot, my experience with Common Good has been more than positive in how it relates to the community acknowledging all of its members, while making accomodations to those who need it most without excluding others.

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