Shooting at Mosque on 4th or Islamic Way

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I came home yesterday to seeing P Street blocked off at New Jersey. I asked my neighbors who were outside what happened, they said some kids got into a fight. I counted 2 news trucks and a handful of police cruisers, that must have been some fight. But then we got to chatting about other stuff and I went home to fix dinner. Then the Help came home and told me he heard it was a shooting on WTOP.
According to WTOP an off-duty officer who was at the mosque for Friday prayers, exchanged gun fire with a man after the officer escorted the man out for yelling at the imam.
WJLA Channel 7 has something on the topic as well.
No one was hit and the man's complaint with the mosque does not appear to have anything to do with the loud call to prayer that can be heard several blocks away.

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I saw the area taped off again this morning on my way to work. Cops and dogs were out looking dfor something in the field that used to have the bulletin board.

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