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Today I got one of those emails from a retired relative who shall remain nameless. It was one of those emails that warns against some vague danger from doing some normal activity that women do. Now my normal course of action is to delete the email or reply with a link to, a very helpful website.

Now as usual the unnamed relative didn't bother deleting the trail of emails showing how this got forwarded. I'm seeing a boatload of addresses and the originating message supposidly came from an office with MPD, but a web search shows that as false. However the group of emails listed prior to my relative sending it to a bunch of other relatives (this is helpful because I don't think I had my cousins' emails), come from DPW. But it is possible that is fake too.

What I do know is I get these things from well meaning older women and well I really wish they'd check before hitting the forward button. So here's my public announcment, stop it. Also nix the musical hearts and ballons sappy crap too.

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oh honey you are preaching to my choir!!!

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