Pop-up at 1644 North Cap has vague permits

Bloomingdale blog has a pic of the coming pop-up, but on the listserv there was a question about permits. There are permits (D1100165, B1101529, and B1101383) but so far I can't tell what exactly they entail. I could have sworn there was some spot on the DCRA website that went into what the limits of the permit were, but all I can find is when the permit was approved. Vague.


This is the website you're looking for I think: http://dcra.dc.gov/DC/DCRA/Permits/Building+Permits+Issued You can get more details about the permits there but not much. What you really need to do is go to DCRA and compare the permit applications to the work actually taking place. And also check the certificate of occupancy database (which you have to do in person) at dcra versus what the building actually is being used for. My guess is you'll find a problem one of those ways, and you can let DCRA know. And then if the construction is taking public space, you want to check with DDOT to be sure they have public space permits. Often contractors will decide they need part of a sidewalk or an alley and block it off without a permit. Complain to DDOT if that happens.

And also check the zoning regulations (dcoz.dc.gov) for uses allowed as a matter of right plus other restrictions. For one thing, based on the photo's and the reported uses of the building I don't connect that they can build the addition to the top. Wouldn't that be more than FAR of 1.5 commercial or 2.5 residences that zoning lets them.?

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