Not feeling hopeful about Shaw Tavern either


Steve May's name is associated with Shaw Tavern as well. And like Engine Company 12, I have a feeling won't open as soon as it hoped for either. Left for LeDroit mentioned that it was slated to open mid-June. Now I'll admit I haven't walked over by 6th and Florida in a few weeks, but I haven't seen a sign announcing what kind of license they will be pursuing, unless it will be part liquor store and by chance the old license remains. Anyone over there see or hear anything about a voluntary agreement being written up? Anything regarding any movement towards getting the various other licenses/permits/inspections to establish an eatery even if the building was up and ready?

Even with the letter blaming the community for their lack of getting a speedy license these ventures still have some community goodwill in the bank. Maybe Shaw Tavern may go the route of BBC and Beau Thai, opening first then pursuing a liquor license. But if that model won't work, I'd suggest working on that license thing asap.


Has May opened up anything else in DC? A quick google search for "1626 Fire Station LLC" pops up a Gaithersburg address. Maybe there's a lot of cluelessness about DC regulations?

Shaw Tavern presented and got a letter of support for a permanent Class C ABC License from the ANC2C in the April meeting.

They said their only remaining items were the liquor license and renovating the bathrooms. I forget when they said they would be ready to open.

I've never even heard of EC-12 though.

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