Mess of greens

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turnip greens
I am a bad southerner. I don't like greens. I'll eat them, but I'm not a big fan. I can live without sweet tea too, sweetened tea yes, cavities in a cup tea, no.
Anyway, I'm waiting for the Aunt to come by and pick up these greens I picked from the yard this morning. I washed most of the dirt and slugs off, she can do the more involved cleaning.
I'm growing them for her. The few, and I mean few turnips that I am growing for me are staying in the ground.
When she dropped by before church she took a glance at them and said they were just big enough. I had talked to her earlier saying I needed to cut some back. My garden style is to throw down a bunch of seeds and then pull out things to encourage growth, as opposed to neat rows where things are the recommended 3-4 inches apart. This is fine for salads. I pulled out a small bowl, 1/2 a pound maybe of baby arugula for a neighbor this week. That will help the remaining arugula get bigger.
I don't just grow for myself and the Help, I grow for other folks too.

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I'm a bad southerner too. I really don't like collards, and I'm not a big fan of turnip greens either. Love spinach, beet greens, and chard though.

In the part of the south I'm from (south Louisiana) they don't pre-sweeten tea. So when I moved to North Carolina and put sugar in tea before tasting it first, I nearly gagged on my first sip. I learned about sweet tea real quick.

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