Dinner for the past couple of days

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lamb's quarters

 Sitting in the backyard enjoying a weekend evening I reached over and grabbed some lambs quarters leaves and showed them to the Help. For years I've been yanking these things out as soon as I saw them and leaving them to die because I didn't know what they were and decided they were a useless weed. They aren't useless, just unexciting. I'm letting one plant grow and adding the leaves to our backyard salad mix. For the past few days I've made our dinner salad from the back yard lettuces. Some of them are begining to bolt and go to seed. To get rid of the bitterness I soak them in cold water and sit them in the fridge for a spell. I'll mix in some lamb's quarters and the little bit of purslane popping up with the other lettuces. I LOVE purslane, lambs quarters, eh, no love, but no more weedy hate. While we were sitting out back I grabbed some lambs quarters leaves dipped them in the olive oil garlicy marinade the sardines I finished, and gave them a nibble. Tolerable. The baby snow peas dipped in the marinade, much better.

I aslo used a few ounces of alpine strawberries to some strawberries from BFM (Bloomingdale Farmer's Market) for a preserve I plan to can. Which reminds me, I should do a canning party.

Yesterday I made a chicken soup using peas from the yard. I'd say 1/4 a cup of peas. It was a freezer clean out chicken soup. Take some chicken broth that needed to get used up because it was taking up space in the freezer or the use by date was soon, throw in frozen chicken carcass from the night before with tons of meat still on the bones, some chopped leeks frozen over from last year or the year before (the date was smuged), and a sprig of rosemary from the backyard, boil for 2 hours while you do other things. At some point take chicken carass out in a colander over a bowl and shred chicken meat that hasn't fallen off. Put meat in soup. Set aside bones for stock. Ask hubby if he wants noodles or potatoes. Cut up potatoes that have been lingering unused in bottom of fridge. Take bad potatoes to compost bin. Boil good potatoes. 10 minutes before serving throw in peas. Marry potatoes and soup in bowl. Freeze leftovers immediately. Enjoy.


Image Credit: Henna Lion Flicker- http://www.flickr.com/photos/pipdiddly/4969449044/ 

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