Beau Thai has booze and some other unrelated stuff


Instead of naming this miscellany, here goes:

* Walking by Beau Thai this weekend I noticed their sign stating they now serve beer and wine and spirits. What wine goes best with panang? Also is outdoor seating soon to follow?

* Also this weekend, ran into Beau Thai's owner's brother, Taw, owner of Thai-Xing. He's well.

*Garden going well enough. Peas producing. Picked about 6 pea pods and ate them raw. There is old arugula and baby arugula both going. Old arugula going to seed. Baby arugula screaming to be salad. I also decided to move soil from a container I'd been using into a new one. I figure the soil has been depleted and mixed in some compost and new store bought soil in a new pot. Most of the tomatoes are in the ground. I still have a few tomato seedlings inside. Because I got almost 0 tomatoes last year, I'm a bit hesistant to invest too much space or money in tomatoes. There are some volunteer tomato plants that have popped up from the ground, we'll see if they do anything.

In the pots I'm planting beans. Last year beans did well. This year I'm trying fava, in addition to string. I'm also trying to plant lavender in the ground. There are seedlings in the window and I'll find a permanant home for them. I've used up most of the lavender collected last year, before I killed my plants, in a lavender honey ice cream. The honey was from a friend who lives blocks from the beltway.

* Saw a buzzard or a vulture in the empty window space of an abandoned house on New Jersey Avenue. We saw it from the car and when we went back to take another look, it was gone. Or it decided to go into the house.

*I'm guessing but I believe the Bloomingdale Farmer's Market will be back May 15th, because that's when Asbury Farms will be bringing our pre-ordered lamb. I also chatted with Stefano of Copper Pot (Penn Quarter Market has been on for weeks now) and he expected to be back around about the 15th. 

*According to Frozen Tropics, NoMa is getting a farmer's market. It starts up on June 1st.

*Lastly. CCCA Prez reflects on the changes in the neighborhood, on how a crime filled b-ball court became a place for children.


Hey, that vulture LIVES in that house on NJ. It is in that window more days than not. That is no small bird!!

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