Anyone interested in a canning party?

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Since the Help hasn't made any plans for Memorial Day that's up for grabs (well until he bothers telling me he was actually planning something but forgot to tell me). Anyway I bought a butt load of strawberries, got some bananas (but I might just dehydrate those), and 1 pineapple, things to be canned. Since I'm canning I figure I can share the skill with anyone willing to learn. My kitchen can hold 2 other people, 3 tops if I move something in the living room. These things involve hot water canning, which you don't need a lot of equipment for if you're using 1/2 pint jars or smaller.
My qualifications to teach are that I've been canning for 2 years and no one has died and I used to be a TA for an Intro to Western Civilization class at UMASS a zillion years ago. If that's good enough for you drop me an email before with your phone # Sunday (5/29) night if you're interested in Memorial Day. If you want some other time, then contact me any time in the next week. My address? You know my url Just replace the "blog." with a "mari@". 

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