Vote whenever, vote once

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As opposed to the Chicagoian motto of "vote early, vote often."

Me and the Help plan to walk over to vote when he gets home from work tonight. It will be the first time, I believe, despite his living in DC before, in voting in local elections. I remember living in NoVa and still voting in Florida elections via mail. Then after years of mailing in my vote it dawned on me that I knew less and less about the issues impacting North Central Florida, and felt less qualified to vote for sheriff, mayor, and other elected positions. Particularly on the issue of development, as I was apt to vote for the Florida of my childhood and not the Florida of the future.

That's another way of saying register to vote in DC next time you have a chance if you don't plan on moving back to where you're registered in the next year or so. It's fair to the citizens back home and it will connect and better your community here. Mainly because they do know and track turn out. And the government back home might call you for jury duty.

Any suggestions? Avoid colorful characters, we've got enough of them.

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