Thursday Miscellany


The Bloomingdale Farmers Market is coming in May. I got an email from Asbury Farms one of the vendors about ordering 1/2 or a full lamb and having it available on May 15th for orders received by May 1st.

Also in Bloomingdale there are opportunities for homeschoolers (HT Scott Roberts) who want to join a co-op.

What's happening in the TC? A meeting. BACA is having a meeting May 2nd (7pm basement of Mt. Sinai at Q & 3rd). Someone from Casey Trees, the people developing MM Washington, and someone who knows something about Dunbar HS are scheduled to speak.

Census project wise I'm still chugging away. Strangely, addresses are proving a problem. The goal was to map properties to persons in the census to look at patterns of segregation and if possible class, seeing how close people lived next to each other. Well I thought it was a simple matter, it isn't. The landscape of several blocks and property lines (square lots) changed in the past 130 years. I'm going with the property lines of 1903, but even that isn't a safe bet. For square 520 (bounded by Florida, 4th, R and 3rd Streets) the lots changed at least 3 times between 1880 and 1919. First it was one big block (maybe two lots) owned by George Glorius, then he ditched the greenhouse, split it into smaller lots, but those lots didn't fit with the developer he sold it to and they got changed. I hope to be done with the census thing so I have something to present at the next Washington Historical Studies Conference.



I love your blog!

Speaking of things happening in Bloomingdale, do you know whatever became of the Boundary Stone Tavern/Pub? There was a lot of online talk about it in 2010 and then zippo. Nada.

Is it deader than dead or hibernating in the way only DC development projects do? Everyone seems to have gone silent on it.


Thanks so much! You've answered my question with the link to PoP. If the port-a-potty is be believed, all hope is not lost!

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