Shutdown looming, time to tackle the honey-do list

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My 1st year as a fed, GS-5 step 1, 2 year Term, I dealt with snow and the furloughs of 1995 & 1996. I lived. I was irritated and angry at the time, but the world didn't come to an end. It helped that I received back pay. I have a slight fear that this congress won't pay for furloughed days, so I hope that the looming government shut down doesn't last more than a couple of days. We can weather a few days to a couple of weeks with savings and food storage, but I'd rather not dip into what we've built up.

If the government does close then I figure it is a good time to tackle the big monster pile of paper in our house and maybe make a stab at spring cleaning. One of my co-workers said that since the weather is scheduled to be nice, they were going to work in their garden. I'm sure someone will protest. I had mentioned to someone that I'd volunteer my services at his place. But that was a couple of continuing resolutions ago, so I need to remind him. If you want to volunteer while furloughed there is a useful post over at Prince of Petworth about serving.

I sincerely hope the government doesn't shut down or last more than a day or two. I have a close friend who is a contract person who doesn't work if certain agencies, where he collects info, aren't open. Also the longer the shut down the bigger the to-do pile at work grows in our absence.

Oh and....

Clean out the office fridge. If the essentials who show up decide your section of the building doesn't need power, that cheese in the fridge can go bad. Also a good idea to defrost it too. And water the plants before you leave on Friday. 

If your agency has some computer learning/education option that you can do at home on your own time, this would be a good time to remind yourself what the url and the password is so you can beef up your MSAccess, 'communication skills' or whatever is offered.

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