No Shutdown and a Yay to local DC govt


Saturday morning I turned on the radio and found out the government wasn't shutting down and let out a weak 'yay', mainly because I had plans do get some things done on shutdown days. Instead I'll just take some leave.

Also because of the looming shut down I didn't say anything about the BACA Saturday Cleanup, because I wondered about DPW. Well, DPW came through and picked up some stuff I had left at 3rd and P for the clean up. We saw lots of people out, mainly tackling their treeboxes. A few neighbors picking up trash. The Help even got one kid to assist in filling his bag. The mulch was the good stuff. We didn't take any because this year I'm experimenting with non-wood mulch.

Also I want to give a big shout out to MPD for responding quickly and the dispatch person who suggested I get in contact with my ANC as well to report the property. The problem I called about was a yard of an abandoned (we think, not sure) house that hosted nearly 10 teenagers smoking. The group broke up quickly and were gone by the time the police showed up. About 4 officers showed up, checked out the weakness of the property and left. Yay for showing up. And then I was done for the week calling the cops. Something else goes down, I'll give someone else a turn to reach out a touch local law.

And lastly, this threat of a shutdown revealed that some of y'all aren't savers. You can open a savings account (ING, SunTrust, for ex.) with no fees if you have direct deposit. I have $25 going to one, and $25 going to another. Over time that $25 builds up and makes for a nice Christmas fund, provided you don't raid the account before then.


I contacted Mr. Bradley and the DCRA regarding the vacant property where the youths were smoking pot in February, below I got a response from Mr. Bradley. I call the police a lot regarding the youths in the alley and their drug use/loitering.

Mr. Bradleys response:
"I am the Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for Single Member District (SMD) 5C01, of which the east side of the 1600 block of New Jersey Avenue, N.W., is a part. I just received notice that you have registered a complaint about homeless people breaking into 1617 New Jersey Avenue. Do you live near that location and can you tell me when the break-in occurred and how many people you've seen going in and out? I need to gather as much information as I can so the proper resources (i.e. governmental entities) can be marshalled to address the situation. My preliminary research indicates that the house is owned by an absentee property owner so we may need a comprehensive approach to get the matter resolved.

Please respond to this e-mail message or call me at (202) 670-0151. You might also plan to join many of your neighbors on a public safety/quality of life walk-through of the neighborhood two weeks from now, on Saturday, March 5, 2011, starting at 10:00 a.m. I don't intend to wait two weeks to start working on your concern about the house at 1617 but I mention the walk-through because there is always strength in numbers.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Bradley A. Thomas
Commissioner-ANC 5C 01"

Here is my most recent response from Mr. Bradley regarding 1619 New Jersey Ave NW:


Your concern is not being ignored. The property is on the list of problem properties that are being addressed. It probably won't be remedied overnight. In our single member district alone, we have 48 properties on that list, some of them even worse than 1619 if you can believe it. When there is an absentee property owner, as there is with 1619, the solution is multi-tiered as the problem must be attacked by multiple agencies.

Have you been attending the Bates Area Civic Association meetings? If not, please come on the First Monday of each month, 7 pm, at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, 3rd and Q Streets, N.W. The more residents we have at our meetings, the more responsive our D.C. government agencies are to our demands. This month, Police Chief Lanier came out and we had nearly 50 residents there. As our numbers grow, the more action we will get. Please join us. You are also invited to attend our monthly ANC meetings. They take place on the third Tuesday of every month. The location changes each month to make it more accessible to people throughout the ANC service area. The April 19th meeting will be at 700 Monroe Street, N.E. Check the ANC5C website or the Bates Area Civic Association website for the location of each upcoming the ANC meeting.


Bradley A. Thomas"

Please, please show up for the next walk-through. We had the head of DCRA, several MPD officers, and a few other agencies show up were able to address some of the issues we raised. Items raised during these walks tend to have a higher visibility than calls to 311. Unfortunately, on the March 5 tour there wasn't anyone from west of 3rd St, so we ended up focusing the walk on the eastern part of the area.

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