In defense of Eleanor Holmes Norton

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In a discussion on the Shaw neighborhood listserv about the demonstration arrest of the Mayor and a few councilmembers (Note CCCA prez was reported to be there too) there was mention of Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton(D-District of Columbia), and her lack of being there. This then devolved into a question of EHN's usefulness after the lack of getting a vote in Congress, with a Dem. Congress and President.

She's not useless. When she had some vote or pull in committees she has shaped deals regarding development and federal contracts in the District and did something to try to keep most Federal headquarters inside the District. When I'm feeling imaginative, I imagine Congress decides to give up the dome and move to an office park in Virigina and agencies continue their slow retreat into the suburbs.

I don't agree with EHN regarding guns, but I understand her position. However that principle cost DC the vote. Oh well, maybe next time when there is a favorable House and Senate and President, and the next time after that.

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