Friday Miscellany- Police Edition

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The radio woke us up and so congrats to the Duke & Dutchess of Cambridge. Anyway, looking at the email I see the boundaries for the 5D Police District are set to change. It appears we are losing Catholic University and the Washington Hospital Center to 4D. Maybe I haven't been paying much attention but for 501 it looks like we're getting NOMA. We welcome your retail, hotel and metro related crimes.

Not to be too light hearted, I'm noticing an uptick in reports of armed robbery as people walk around. Then there are the shootings and stabbings in the city. Be careful. Take a cab at night or get the bus that stops closest to your house.

Now, let's get back to lightheartedness. I'd like to the Truxtonites who (according to the email, I haven't spotted a hard copy) made it to the cover of Metro Weekly. If you click on the link a picture of Karl King, somebody else and his partner pop up.

Oh and let me wander over to what I've been thinking about regarding history. Americans have itchy feet. People are mobile now and they were mobile back then. I realize this when I try to hunt down individuals from the census in Boyd's City Directory. This was made even clearer to me when chatting with a couple who've been married for about 1/2 a century. The wife only moved a few times (count on 1 hand) in her life. The husband, too many times to keep track of. His father was a Depression Era Pennsylvania coal miner and whenever he's lose his job, he'd up and move the family, that night. No 30 day notice. Just pack up everything that night, throw it in the back of the truck and head elsewhere. So I guess if my 1900-1930 people were the same some would up and move when the need hit. Besides, most residents were renters, no reason to stick around for years on end.

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