1555 4th St NW up for sale

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I'm only mentioning this because I had a dream about the property. In my dream I was walking north on 4th and saw that it was an empty lot, just like the corner diagonally away from it. What does it mean? Dunno. Don't care. There was other stuff going on in the dream that made no sense, like people wandering around in shorts while snow fell.

Anyway, this corner house is up for sale, see here on Redfin. It's going for $350K and apparently is 2 units. Rent one, rent both. The best thing, if anyone chose to gut this puppy and make it a single family home, is the corner yard that would do well with some shade tolerant and some sun loving gardening. Yes, I have gardening on the brain. Negatives, closer to the mosque, though people tell me they tend to ignore the calls to prayer, and across the street from where the screaming teenagers like to congregate.

One thing about Redfin I'd like to mention is this feature where if you sign up you can read agent comments. Those can be an interesting read. Some give helpful information about development possiblities and some hint as to why some things have been on the market for a really long time (hard to show, rotting interior). 

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