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Morning Muse

I was waiting for the bus by the Shaw/Howard station, looking across the street at the long line of dump trucks along 7th Street. Well 7th and R. There was one dump truck too many and that one was taking up the turn lane at 7th and R. Just sitting there. Until a guy with a clipboard was going up to each truck, yelling something at the drivers and having them move up, which allowed the truck taking up the turn lane to join the 7th Street conga line.

I was thinking, my dad would like this kind of work. My dad has a dump truck, and dumpy truck, and a backhoe, and a bunch of other heavy equipment. You see how little boys facinated with construction equipment, how their eyes light up, well that's my dad. He loves his work. I can drive a backhoe. Or at least I did once when I was a kid, when dad needed me to move some of his equipment and it was a family business, and I was family, and so thus I worked. Ah, child labor, fond memories. Going back to Florida and operating a backhoe, Plan B if this whole white collar thing doesn't work out.

Traffic passing the trucks was fine until someone in an SUV stopped 1/2 in the bike lane and half in the lane of traffic to drop someone off in front of that Reatig/UHOP building. I'm often looking up at the windows, wondering what's going on on the second floor, in what looks like a conference room. A link on the Reatig site says it's assisted living, but listed as mixed use, multifamily housing. The exterior is uninteresting, and thankfully so are the residents, unlike across the street at Lincoln-Westmoreland. Same goes for the S Street UHOP/Reatig housing, the residents are quiet. Which give hope that the next ugly building they'll plop down on Rhode Island will be filled with the same sort of people.

Voting Moved From Shiloh to Kennedy Rec

Hopefully you've heard. Councilman Jack Evans said, "The Board of Elections informed me that the requested polling place relocation has been completed and is effective beginning with the upcoming April 26, 2011 Special Elections. I am pleased that the voters will be able to travel to the Kennedy Recreation Center and cast their first votes in the April Special Election. In past elections, Shiloh served the community well and I would be amiss to not extend my appreciation to Shiloh for permitting voting there for many years." Please remember that a decent rec center was needed first.

If We Could Rent This Place For $2500, We'd be Landlords

PoP has a TC 2 bedroom condo featured going for $2400. I'm always looking for a 2nd income option and yes, there is a certain price I'm willing to relocate for, as much as I love my neighbors, financial security is a prority. Okay, $2500 really isn't it, but it does get my attention.


2,500 to rent your place only to move into a 1 bed apartment in say Mt. Vernon with harder street parking for Mr. Help and no garden?...All at a cost of probably 2k. Once you add property tax, loss of homestead deduction, tax, and fire insurance it won't be worth it :(

Oh and I'd be sad

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