Peas and Salad

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I should try to measure how much food I actually grow, but that won't happen because I do have the habit of grazing in the yard. When I say grazing, I mean looking at a plant, ripping off something, and eating it. I've done that with strawberries, peas, arugula, purslane, string beans, and some salad greens.

Strawberries never make it into the house, they are eaten on sight.

This week I was able to make a decent salad for us from what's in the front and rear yards. In the front is a window box of semi-forgotten baby-sized salad greens. I threw those seeds in sometime around fall and have been cutting back a little here and there. I need to cut back more so the survivors (did I cover them during the snow and the ice? No!) can get bigger. In the rear there are a bunch of little mache plants and I cut back on some and just took leaves from others. And then there is this one small head of lettuce (forgot name) that I could just chop but instead I grabbed two leaves and threw it in with the mache.

My biggest problem with growing the mache is the f'ing squirrels. They dig in the pots. I have to have some mesh over the pot to protect them.

In all I think I got a little less than 1/4 of a lb of lettuce.

I'm also growing peas. I didn't cover them for the cold snap. I'm letting them fend for themselves. My gardening philosophy is getting Nietzschen.  Supposidly the thinings are edible.

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