Parking, it's not the businesses

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Regarding that whole "community meeting" thing singling out Big Bear, when you think about it businesses and even churches aren't the biggest problem, it's our neighbors, it's now me. We know that on Saturday (7th Day Adventists) near noon and Sunday between 9AM and 1PM, if the car is moved we shouldn't bother coming back until after 1, because parking is at a premium. We also know that people who visit the neighborhood, in this case for worship, eventually leave the neighborhood, freeing up parking. Our neighbors, stay and compete with us for spots. Their cars sometimes don't move from spots we've been eying for days. And everyone's preferred spot is the one right in front of their house.

The Help, who initally owned the car, noticed that on our street there are fewer parking spaces available. I suppose because the people on the other side of the street can park their cars in their backyards if they so chose. Could we park the car in our back yard? Yes, but then we couldn't have anything else back there. No patio furniture. No container gardening. No composter. Nothin' but car. I like my backyard as it is now and so we'd rather hunt for parking on the street or park when the spaces are plentiful.

Also there are more people with cars now. One household can have 3 cars. Mom's car, dad's car, and the teenagers'/adult children's living in the basement car. Then there is roommate #1's car, roommate #2's car and roommate #2's boyfriend's car. Yet it seems most households do take advantage of the walkabilty of the area and their situation and have just 1 car or no cars. But that's just my observation for my small area.

Getting back to the Big Bear and the Bloomingdale Farmer's Market, a topic not too far behind when Big Bear is paired with parking, as I remember there was a survey finding that most people walked or biked to the market. I suspect there are a bunch of people who live in the Bloomingdale/ Shaw area who walk or bike to the Big Bear, same with Rustik, I gather. These businesses make the neighborhood more attractive, which attracts people with cars to live here.

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I think the block has a good mix of people with and without cars, however there are some households that just have more cars than what we would really want. You have the one with only one car like yours and mine and a few others, then you have a house with 2 parents and 2 kids with cars, then you have roommates both with cars and then you have other roommates with basement peoples' cars, etc. You also have one guy with like 5 cars. And since our houses aren't so wide, there is only space for 1 car per household as an average plus one or 2 because of the church. The weekdays aren't SO bad on our side because the church lot that all the people who don't have DC plates park there. But during street sweeping you end up with New Jersey folks moving here because of rush hour, etc and fighting for spaces on one side of the block.

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