O Street Alley

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Regarding the Census project, I have all the censuses, censi, in one big honking Excel file, now I'm doing data clean up which means chucking out data like O Street Alley. Why is O Street Alley in my stash of data? Mainly because it is one of several alleys that I'm not to sure about the location of. There are a few things that have changed over the years. There is no Reeves Alley, currently what is there is the NorthWest Co-op. There isn't a 2nd Street in the TC area, what is there is Kirby. So when I got data for the 300-400 block of an O Street Alley, I guessed it was on my side of New Jersey Avenue.

I finally hiked over to the Washingtonia room at the MLK Library in Gallery Place and looked at a 1887 map to see if my chance an O Street Alley was listed. No. However looking at at Square 554, where O Street Alley would have been if it were east of NJ Ave, I didn't see enough structures that would indicate there being residences in the alley. But Sq. 512 seemed to say there were houses, even if the numbers don't line up nicely.

Sq 512 1887 

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