Misc Tuesday

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The Giant is supposed to be goin' down in late Summer according to the City Market at O Street blog. We'll see.

We passed by the proposed Shaw's Tavern at 6th and Florida NW last night. According to Left for LeDriot, they are to open in June. Peering inside the windows they still have a ways to go with the building. Also do they have a ABC (ABRA) liscense? (Also see PoP's post about it here)

Also while we were walking noticed that Zee's Restaurant was not open. It was about 8PM on a Monday. Are they not open on Mondays?

And some other thing I noticed on Florida, at Florida and 3rd, there is a bit of clean up and hammer swinging going on. I also spotted once the fellow whose name I can not pronounce or spell (but I do remember he has one of the best behaved kids I've ever met) who I and another neighbor fought regarding a pop-up at 1721 4th St NW. Anyways he (Mr. Hosseinkhani) looked like he was supervising. Hopefully he'll be able to attract a commerical tenant, maybe a restaurant as there is some excellent open space within the fence. I have no clue what his plans are, but I wish him the best and hope that his rents will be reasonable.

I write 'reasonable' because of something I heard in party discussions at the Bloomingdale Wine Social, which was fun and excellent. There was discussion about development in and around Bloomindale/ Eckington and one of the topics was landlords. I've heard it before but there are some crazy unreasonable commerical landlords around, and that's why some areas probably won't get developed or improved anytime soon. Some landlords want Downtown DC rents for what are essentially shells.

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