Lot on 1st and P


Just fooling around on Redfin I noticed a lot, that the Redfin map has it downtown near Union Station. But reading the directions it says it is at 1st and P NW near the corner store on Square 615. I take it this is for the spot where someone parks near Steve's Market.

What attracted me to this was the price $39,900.


It's lot 0839, current owner is the same as the corner store. I wonder if the corner store will be up for sale soon. It would make a nice diner.

According to the listing, it's lot 838, which puts it in the alley off of 1st street behind 89 P Street. 89 P street actually has a fence around it and might even think it's their back yard. Owned my Metrowide Realty Investors.

There are 4 tiny lots in the alley behind those P street homes; lots 836, 837, 838 and 839. Only 839 has street frontage. The rest open onto the alley.

Originally those 4 lots were lots 229 & 230, with buildings facing 1st street (1509 & 1511 1st st). I wonder why they chopped those up.

A 538 sqft lot is pretty hard to work with, even if it's not stuck in an alley. I don't know that it's useful for much more than a parking spot, and 40k is a lot for a parking spot!

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