Jobs and expectations of city government

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I got a press release from an ANC, who isn't mine or even of ANC 5C, about Wal-Mart, Statehood and a march for jobs. Jobs. Jobs, decent ones like mine, seem to be much harder to come by than what a angry gathering can muster.
I must credit Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton for her efforts to keep as many Federal agencies in the District borders. But as one who works in a Federal agency, most of my co-workers from GS-5s to 13s live in the burbs. So though there are DC jobs, they aren't necessarily filled with DC people. With the company (Feds) of this company town gathering talent from all over the country and world (we call them contractors), what can realistically be expected from the municipal government in getting the locals employed?
According to the Dept of Labor's Career One Stop the top 10 jobs in DC are:
  1. Lawyers
  2. General and operations managers
  3. Management analysts
  4. Janitors and cleaners (except maids and house cleaners)
  5. Executive secretaries and administrative assistants
  6. Post-secondary teachers
  7. Security guards
  8. Office clerks, general
  9. Accountants and auditors
  10. Secretaries, except legal, medical and executive
The top 10 fastest jobs in DC proper are mostly IT jobs with some medical aides and specialist teachers thrown in. The jobs with the most openings run close to the list for top jobs with wait service with PR and customer service displacing Administrative Assistants, office clerks, and secretaries.
Those jobs where the barriers to entry are low, there is the added bonus of competing against younger versions of me from other parts of the nation, people happy to swipe up the entry level office and government job. Where the barriers are higher (lawyers, accountants, etc), I don't expect anything from DC except the opportunity for self motivated residents to go through UDC.
I would hope that the city not make its agencies a series jobs programs. Among all the script about the Brown, Gray, Green crazy crayola jobs for political favors fiasco there was an op-ed from a former head with the health agency Mr, Brown was temporarily at. As I remember the thrust of the article was that the duty of the health agency to DC residents was too important to go to unqualified persons. I say take that further, the duties of any agency that serves the residents of the District are too important to be handed over to the unqualified or the unwilling to get qualified.

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