Hanging out on the corner is not acceptable activity


I'm watching a corner. It is normally where the screaming teenagers hangout. At least one of the screaming teenagers lives on my street, close enough so the adult unit who cares for said screamer can walk out the door and scream the teen screamer back home. But recently I've noticed a crowd, of at least 4 men, ranging from late 20s to late 40s hanging out, displacing the screaming teens.

Now early on I want to squash the notion that hanging out on the corner is some cultural activity that should be respected. No. It is fine and dandy to hang out in front of your own house. Or on your own street. Unlike the teens, none of the adults look familiar, nor do they look like the homeless stopping for a break. No they look like men trying to set up a corner. I don't believe they live around here. If they did then they'd be close enough to walk back home to use their own bathrooms.

Also the screaming teenagers rarely if ever approached any passing cars or trucks stopped at the corner. Neither did the homeless have such a keen interest in vehicular traffic. I watched the group on the corner approach one car where the occupants were friendly and parked nearby to get out and socialize. But later one of the men also made a motion towards the truck of a neighbor who stopped for on coming traffic, then realizing something (like maybe this wasn't a customer, I'm just guessing), moved back.

Yes, I'm watching the corner. I don't want a re-establishment of the drug dealing that plagued this neighborhood years ago. There aren't as many safe houses for dealers to wander over and hang out in front of as there were years back. There aren't as many vacant houses. There is more pedestrian traffic. More owner occupied housing. Fewer crackheads. Residental parking enforcement now works, so there are things in place that would make re-establishing the dealing harder, but we still need to be vigilant.


E-mail Solberg. He seems to be pretty responsive.

One day, a couple of those fellows randomly started talking to me. They introduced themselves and said they used to live in the neighborhood. They told me that they have started coming back here to hang out because it is their old hood and even though it is different now, they are just re-living the old days.

I have lived in the neighborhood for 7 years now and have never seen any of these fellows before. If they were displaced, it was awhile ago. Do I believe them? I don't know. Like you and hopefully the rest of our neighbors, I'll make a point to observe them when I am out and about.

My roommate had his car parked on R St @ 4th and had his window smashed in last night. They rifled through the glove box but as there wasn't anything valuable to take, they left empty handed. I've seen groups of adults hanging out there (In front of the Korean church/community center) at night. Can the cops be called for people gathering outside on a corner obviously not near their houses?

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