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Suzane Reatig to Design More $%#@ in Shaw- DC Mud has some information about what this firm is going to throw up on Rhode Island Avenue is going to look like.  

O St Market- Martin has some information on the CCCA blog. Personally, I'm not going to get excited until I see a bunch of guys in hard hats and workboots standing around watching another guy in a hard hat doing something. There has been talk for over 7 years about this project.

Public Safety Walkthough for North Truxton Circle (BACA) this weekend- Meet up with ANC 5C01 Commish Bradley Thomas at 3rd & Q at 10AM this Saturday(3/5/11). For more infor call the Commish at 202/six seventy-zero one fifty-one. The idea is to look for trouble.... spots.

Timor- Yes, the odd little store, part speakeasy, part doggy lounge. Kim (or whomever is manning or womanning the counter) no longer takes credit cards. Checks, cash or some system of credit for regulars. There is also a website to track what produce is in or not. Timor, like everyone else (except me) has a Facebook page.

Gardening- Well it has begun. I've bought a boat load of seeds and threw some peas in the ground this week. I'll probably start moving things around in the rear yard, maybe this weekend. I am telling myself that I'm going to plant fewer tomatoes. Last year there was a blight problem and also I got more than enough tomatoes from the Bloomingdale Farmer Market. This year is all about the beans. Also I'm going to try to limit where the arugula grows this year. Last year the plants reseeded themselves and grew all over. They were fine for harvesting until I got engaged to someone who doesn't like raw arugula and when the Pest Control people decided to spray the yard, against my instructions.

If you're considering gardening and it is your first time doing so in your yard, remember it's all about the soil. We've got a lot of clayfilled yards so amend it with topsoil, compost, and sand. Don't worry too much about lead. If you drink the tap water around here you already take chances. You can get your soil tested by UMASS for $10, or you can have raised beds.

Preserving- I keep thinking I should do another canning party. Right now I have a bunch of oranges I bought from the 7th Day Adventists and well those citrus fruits need to do something other than make the room smell nice. I've been looking at preserving them with a hot water canning bath in some light syrup. Then again. I have been meaning to do something with that dehydrator we got and I hear dried oranges make for a nice snack on hiking trips.

I can say that this year I did can enough tomatoes. Last year it was too many. Because of Mr. InShaw's (The Help) love of Italian dishes, I've been reaching for the jars of Bloomingdale Farmer's Market tomatoes more often. Also The Help has just learned how to make a basic pasta sauce (heat steel pan, add olive oil, throw in 1/2 of a chopped onion, saute, throw in 1/2 pint of tomatoes, cook for about 5-10 mins then throw in to Magic Bullet, pulse and lopp onto pasta), so I have an idea of how much I'm going to need to can this year.

I canned too much marmalade. I still have several 1/2 pints of meyer lemon and blood orange marmalade from last year. So if any y'all who know me want any, you can have my stash.

 I preserved enough cherries. I need to play with the drunken cherries ratios.  Yes, who doesn't love cherries soaked in lotsa vodka. I notice some cherries are more leathery than others. I like the leather, not so much the round burstin with booze ones, but they're good too. I also preserved the plain sober cherries with the hot water method in sugar syrup and those are good as an ice cream topping or in yogurt. The Help doesn't like cherries. Well, more for me.

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Oh hey, more subsidized housing. Just what the neighborhood was missing.

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