ABC License for Beau Thai

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I noticed in the window of Beau Thai one of those orange announcement posters. Looks like she's pursuing an ABC license. Didn't stop long enough to read what type. That would be great because then certain persons who like a beer or other such thing will join the Help and I for some noodles and curry.

Of course I was in a rush and didn't read the sign carefully, so I don't know what class and other fun details, and the DC ABRA website is not too helpful. The calendar is only for the day of, nor can I look up particular cases like the BZA (Board of Zoning Adjustment) site. While I'm on the topic of DC government sites, some parts of the DC government are open transparent than others. And then there are agencies big enough to be both transparent and clear and proactive on one side and completely unhelpful, uninformative and cryptic in other parts, I'm thinking DCRA.

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