That Firehouse Y'all like So Much Wants a Liquor License

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I passed by the firehouse up in Bloomingdale on North Capitol Street NW several days ago and noticed windows. That or the bus that I was on was driving so fast I was only under the great impression that I saw people working on the building and there were honest to goodness new windows.

Anyway, there is to be a presentation regarding a liquor license for the Firehouse at tonight's Bloomingdale Civic Association Meeting at St. George's Episcopal Church (basement). Meeting time is at 7pm and the church is located at 2nd and U Streets.

And speaking of liquor licenses, this is really old news, but Big Bear Cafe does now have beer and wine.

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funny....Big Bear got a liquor license and the neighborhood has not yet imploded...or is it too soon to comment on that?

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