Sq 551 circa 1919

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Well another day another map. This one is from 1919 and shows the layout of Sq. 551 where the Northwest Co-op sits. Now if you notice there is a street that no longer exists, Reeves Court and an alley with no name, or I just can't make out a name. There are several brick structures facing the garage on No Name Alley. It also could be an extension of Reeve's Court. The yellow denotes a frame house or structure.

Also in news, absolutely unrelated to anything.... He Who Shall Not Be Named, has a pro-LT blog, called Shawcivic.org. He, or someone blogging on his behalf, has a backhanded comment about Cary Silverman who is departing Mt. Vernon Square to the boonies of Maryland for reasons relating to a kid. In the post LT or whomever, writes: "Silverman who shortly after moving in Shaw which he and others refer to as Mount Vernon Square to avoid the the identity of Shaw large Black population." Cat Poop! Bull shyte is actually a useful product in agriculture, unlike cat poop is destructive and useless. Mt. Vernon has been a separate neighborhood since well before Cary was born, and isn't and wasn't part of the initial Shaw borders. Crazy.

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