Sewing Classes and unrelated crime

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First, sewing classes. There is a temporary space at the corner of 7th and NY Ave NW and they are offering sewing classes. It's called the DC Garment District and it's currently open and will be at that location until March 20th. They also have musical performances and it's a gallery space but that isn't what grabbed my attention when I was taking the bus home. No. It was the bank of sewing machines.

I'd been meaning to take a refresher class in sewing. I used to know how to sew. I had clothes I made in high school and college that were in my closet (up until I got too big for them), so at one point, I knew how to sew. Anyway, while the DC Garment District is there they are offering a variety of craft classes, such as the Two Hour Skirt, Digital Textile Design and Fabric Printing, Learn How to Knit a Hat, and crocheting.

Now for the crime. A resident. I gather someone slightly new, as in moved here in the past year new has just noticed our friendly neighborhood drug dealer. The dealers have cut back since I moved here. I no longer have to pass by a gaggle of men on the corner 'just hnaging out' as I was coming back from work. In the begining, that was everyday. Then they moved from one corner, then another and then cut back on the days and hours they were hanging out and today their presence is occassional. 

I am aware that the screaming teenagers and adults with nothing better to do do occupy the same space at different times. The adults are a mix of homeless served by the Korean PCA Church and the 7th Day Adventists and possible dealers. So what are we doing about it? Well right now I'm not particularly motivated to do much as whatever drug activity that's going on seems (based on past experience) low. I don't count a neighbor's gang of friends coming over and smoking weed (yes, it could be stinky ciggys) in the basement reason to call the cops.... Unless its a lot of weed and I'm outside doing yardwork and it is annoying my sinsus and I'm 100% sure it's weed. But then I got the issue of calling the cops on neighbors that I have a fairly decent relationship with (as opposed to neighbors I don't know or like). Come Spring residents, old and new will be more motivated to tackle any encrochment on sidewalk space by dealers. Right now it's just cold.

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