Preserving with booze

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Sometime in the summer of 2010, when cherries were in season, I did my cherry liquor thing, which is:

  1. Take a butt load of cherries
  2. Wash and clean cherries and pull out seriously bruised and damaged cherries
  3. Put in large glass pickle jar or quart sized canning jar, filling 1/2 way
  4. Pour in sugar covering cherries (maybe add a vanilla pod too)
  5. Then pour in good vodka, the better the vodka the better the end product
  6. Cover with jar cap, but not tight
  7. Over the next few days add a little more vodka to container
  8. Put on top fridge or in pantry or back of a closet and ignore for at least 3 months

In my case I ignored it for about 7 months. Now I do this for the liquor made, but a nice product are the cherries that have been sitting in the vodka. The recipe I was using said the cherries were suppose to break down. After two years of doing this, they've never broken down. Instead they are preserved.

But be warned these cherries can get quite boozy and give a buzz. After I pour off the liquor, I put the cherries in the freezer. I've had them sit in the cabinet for a week, but once out of the vodka I don't know how long it stays good.

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