Monday Miscellaney

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For one, something is on fire near my workplace, but I can't see what's on fire. And it is far away enough that I see the edges of commotion (traffic, fire department vehicles, etc)...anyway...


Attended a few parties this weekend. One neighbor and his partner hosted Tet party to celebrate the New Year. Best. Springrolls. Evah. But anyway one my other neighbors asked about what was going on over at 7th and S Street. Well, at another party the Help and I attended last month we discovered another neighbor's architecture firm is involved with the 7th and S project and that it is nicely chigging along. On the Shaw Neighborhood Yahoo group Martin (CCCA prez) put up some nice photos of the project.7thandS-1.jpg

 and see another pix here.

After years and years, and years of talk it is good to see heavy equipment and scaffolding over sidewalks. Now if only such activity would move itself a few blocks south to 7th and P (yes, I'm never happy) where there is abosolutely nothing. Nada. Zip. Going on at the old O Street Market. Well okay, the blocks of bricks got some tarps put over them and a Clark Sign appeared. But really, what I'd like to see are a bunch of guys (and some gals) in hard hats running around, or standing around, a big hole in the ground and heavy expensive machinery. 


Also, if you haven't heard. Dan Snyder is an ass. Anyway, in the name of freedom and the 1st amedment and the ability to call jerks, jerks, the City Paper has a legal defense fund. There is a PayPal donate button at the bottom of the page. I gave them $10. Please give what you can to fight the powers of jackassery.


Yes, I know the ground is still frozen, but it's time to order seeds. I got a bunch of seeds this week, planning for Spring. Peas can and should go into the ground around the end of this month. If you want to know what to plant I highly recommend checking out the Weekend Gardener's Grow guide. Throw in April 18th as the last frost date and October 28th as the first frost.

1930s Census Project

Got another batch from my cousin and a quick scan has a few white families in a sea of African American neighbors that stand out. I'm going to ask an indelicate question. Is Borak  a Jewish name? Because my sense is that these oddball families from Poland and Russia are Jewish immigrants. The Boraks came over to the us in 1923, the Litovitzs at 1401 3rd St came over in 1913, and the Sitnicks at 200 P St NW came from Poland in 1924. With the Sitnicks, lived the Katz family, daughters of the Sitnicks (it's confusing) who just arrived from Poland that year.

Correction- I was looking at the wrong column. Going down the list:

The Rosenblatts of 300 P St, married in 1925. Jean the wife immigrated in 1914 from Russia.

The Sitnicks of 200 P St NW, married in in 1924, both immigrated from Poland in 1914. Their sons Dave and Joseph in 1923, and their daughters with the different last name in 1914.

The Litovitzs of 1401 3rd St, NW, married in 1913 came over from Russia and Poland the same year in 1907.

The Boraks of 1420 3rd St NW, married in 1923, immigrated from Poland in 1922 (husband)and 1912 (wife).

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