Mice and School Miscellaney



It's winter and they found a way into the house, I gotta kill them.

So, right now the center of my universe is killing a mouse, or mice as you never have "a mouse" problem but a mice problem. Damned things are pooping on my stove top. There are several bait stations in the house left by the pest control guy and if they are eating the poison they aren't dying fast enough. I don't care about humane capture. You take a dump where I make food, your ass has gotta die. Also these rodent bastards are smart. I suspect they pretty much know to avoid the white glue traps. There was an instance many years back where I had cornered a mouse and surrounded it with glue traps, it got on top of my bookbag, where it was hiding behind, surveyed the situation and tried to Evil Kenevil itself over all the big flat glue traps I laid. It fell short and hit a trap.

I suspect the cellar is the weak point. So we've made it our goal to save up for a basement renovation to plug up any holes or whatever they're getting into. Not a pretty renovation, just one to make the cellar, or the basement for short people (and thankfully we're both short), a functional and secure storage space where mice can't get in and eat up my food stores.

Misc- MVSA and replacing Cary

Tonight there will be a short meeting to elect a new MSVA prez, because Cary Silverman who was the prez is moved to the boonies because he's going to be a father soon. Rob Amos is listed as being on the ballot and I see no challengers.

Misc- Parents moving

A chat with one of my co-workers who lives within the Beltway, in the Hyattsville area mentioned he an his wife were moving even farther into Charles County because their oldest was getting school aged. And then there is Cary's move and I was wondering is there a word to describe this, I don't know, when parents feel a need to move further and further away from their jobs in pursuit of a 'better' school or environment for their kids. They are not the only ones. I've had neighbors who moved here single or childless and married/partnered, then as soon as a baby is expected, they take action to move far away. Not just over the border into Silver Spring or Arlington or Alexandria, but completely outside of the Beltway into Fairfax or counties that don't even touch the boundaries of DC. It happens often enough there must be a word for it.

And I'm not criticizing, as the Help/Mr. InShaw and I have discussed what-ifs. So far in any of those scenarios the farthest we'd go is Beltsville, MD, if that, and NoVa is a NoGo.

Misc- School Lottery You Can't Win If You Don't Play

There is a useful discussion for those parents who do stay in the city over at PoP regarding the Out of Boundary Lottery. Read the comments because I'm glad someone addressed the 'being the only white kid in class' issue. These things need to be discussed, along with issues of class, 'cause otherwise, parents will move to Charles or Fairfax county. I also liked that someone mentioned the convenience factor, you know how easy/hard it is to pick up your kid. Then I just remembered another neighbor who walks their kid to Two Rivers, crossing the New York Ave, so there is one more family that has an incentive to make that road more pedestrian friendly. I know another Truxton Circle family whose kid goes somewhere around Columbia Heights and is picked up sometimes by parent via metro, sometimes by car. So at least two families making use of the walkabilty and the easy transit of the city.

I should give a shout out to one of my favorite families' schools Yu Ying and Bridges.


Last month was bad for mice on our side especially after the neighbor moved out and put the heat off...but nothing else in the past 3 weeks...Well nothing visible. I do hear them in the ceiling on the 2nd floor.

After I had a mice problem once, I went on a big shopping spree at Container Store. Everything in my pantry that a mouse might want to eat is now encased in plastic. They haven't, to my knowledge, been back since I did that.

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