Just say no to booze on North Capitol

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Saw this on the Bloomingdale Blog:

Some unknown person -- MTN1414 at hotmail.com -- who might live in the neighborhood asked to have this message posted:

I went to the Capitol Food Mart at 1634 North Capitol NW this weekend and saw that they have applied for a license to sell alcohol. It seems like there is little upside to another establishment selling alcohol within a block or two of the Florida Avenue intersection. Plus, unlike the liquor stores, the food mart would be able to sell alcohol on Sundays - likely bringing the people who loiter at the Florida Avenue intersection north. Given the recent shootings in the area, I can think of better ways to expand business in the neighborhood. Just wanted to give a heads up and see if others have concerns - I know there are ways to protest the license application. I believe there is a hearing on March 24.


Yeah, the previous store that was there, if memory serves me, had about 7 different flavors of MD 20/20. It may be the crowd is going in looking for their favorite get drunk quick drinks... unless there is something about the store that hints at something different.


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