History ain't pretty

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RG302-P1Bx5This is a picture in an alley in DC, but not in Shaw. I have yet to get around to wandering over to College Park to get into Record Group 302 and scan any of the photos of Shaw area alleys. I gave The Help (Mr.InShaw) that task, so it won't get done anytime soon. The photo is circa 1930 something taken of Bellevue Court which is on Square 3040 or 3042. I have no idea where that is. 

Those little shacks, not tool sheds. People would poop there. Good Lord, I love indoor plumbing.

One of the reasons why I'd like to get some Shaw alley pictures is to show a historically accurate slum. Ray "O Sunshine" M went on another one of his entertaining anti-Historic District rants regarding the work stoppage at 9th and Q, which got me thinking. When talking about buildings around here 'historic' sometimes have little to do with actual history.

Yes, indoor plumbing existed in many homes in the 30s, but not all homes. Shaw was referred to as a slum in the 1940s & 50s, based on number of homes lacking indoor plumbing. Oh and the crime, but plumbing played a part too. For several Shaw dwellings, being historically accurate would mean having it be appropriate for poor black laborers and laundresses. Nothing fancy. Possibly overcrowded due to racial covenants and rules.

Historical accuracy also means you should have a poopshack.

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Interesting. Square 3042 is in the northeast corner of the Georgia Ave./Kenyon St intersection.

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