Census data gathering done

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Now the hard part starts.

I love gathering data and researching things. Writing, not so much. The Cousin has submitted her final blob of data, which I will share (1930censusNJave.pdf). It's still raw. Infants show up as being 3,000 years old and that needs fixing. But you get to see what I see. You'll see a primarily African American neighborhood with a few white immigrant families and a white Homeopathic Hospital.

I have a deadline for myself. The data for the 1940 census comes out 2012, so I want to write what I'm going to before then. But as I said, I enjoy the data gathering and I've been gathering this data for years now. I've paid my cousin and others a several hundred dollars to compile the data into an electronic format, and now that's sort of over. I could go back over 1880 but considering how few people were around then that shouldn't take more than a few days to put in.

So far with the end of the data gathering I've been struggling with how to organize it and what story does the data tell. Regarding the issue of segregation I'm drawing inspiration from the segregation map I discovered showing South West DC to show demographic patterns. But beyond race I also saw something about women and women's work and family structures in the data that I cannot ignore. Now I'll be trying out ways to approach the data in a way that I can get my brain around.

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