Zee's in Le Droit or Shaw

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There was an article in the Washington Post about this place, which I'll admit we haven't ventured to. Also Scott Roberts mentioned the restaurant on his blog as well.

But the Post is wrong, it is not in Bloomingdale. At 600 Florida Ave NW if it is on the north side it is in Le Droit Park. According to the National Park Service: The LeDroit Park Historic District is roughly bounded by Rhode Island and Florida Aves. on the south; Howard University on the west; Elm St. on the north; and 2nd St. on the east. And according to the Le Droit Park Civic Association (pdf) the boundaries are: W Street, NW on the North; 2nd Street, NW on the East; Florida Avenue and Rhode Island Avenue, NW on the South, and Bohrer Street, NW on the West. If it is on the south side of Florida then it is in Shaw. Bloomingdale is further east.

Does it matter? Well part of the fun of reading the Post is finding the errors.


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glad to see that tim carman corrected the article to say it's in shaw. dan silverman, who runs the prince of petworth website, says it's in ledroit park. i can't ask for a correction there because i've been banned from even commenting on his site.

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