Suspicious Package on NJ?

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One of our neighbors popped over this weekend to meet the new hubby and asked if we noticed the hub-bub that had gone on nearby from NJ to 3rd St along Q. Nope. It seems we were encased in the bubble of luv to notice, that and sometimes I take long showers and can't hear jack.

Anyway, according to our neighbor (Friday or Saturday morning, my memory is getting bad) that morning around 10AM authorities had blocked off Q Street for a 'suspicious package'. The neighbor was walking the dog and could not go upon Q. The package in question was behind/near the quickie mart, which has a new name and new yellow paint, on NJ Ave. Good gravy, I see suspicious packages all the time in this neighborhood; abandoned backbacks, gym bags, bags of trash, which I highly suspect are bags of illegally dumped trash, and broken furniture and other stuff dumped on our hood.

Over in Federal Land where I work, if a homeless guy or a tourist leaves their big bag of crap on Pennsylvania Ave or Constitution or Independence, then we get the whole big show and shut down, and I find out through word of mouth from complaining coworkers. But if that same show and shut down comes up to the neighborhoods for book bags left by absent minded elementary kids, stolen and discarded bags (that's what I suspect when I see a purse strewn along the sidewalk) then we're in trouble.

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