Big Shout Out to Copper Pot and Kristin

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Well I had my final wedding* this weekend and thank goodness it is over. Now we get to watch as money flees from our accounts as the vendors begin cashing checks. One of the vendors was Stefano Frigerio owner of Copper Pot Food Co, who has a regular stall at the Bloomingdale Farmer's Market, as well as the 14th & U and Penn Quarter markets. He's at Dupont Circle this winter. Anyway, he caters. We just wanted light refreshments and we had canapes, a very nice pumpkin truffle soup, and mac'n'cheese. Great job.

Also want to thank Kristin, and I don't know how much publicity she wants on this so I'll leave it with a first name, who baked our cakes. Kristin only lives about a block from us, and we were happy to have someone we know invovled. We had three cakes. A bride's cake, a groom's cake and a unity cake. Currently, what is left of the unity cake is being devoured by interns and it and the other cakes are yummy.

Now that that's over with, I can try to figure out what is normal. There is a BACA meeting tonight at 7PM at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church. I might attend, I might not. Depends on when I can finish up dinner.

* I had two weddings, one for the west coast relatives and one for the east coast relatives.

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