And Ye Shall Know Us By Our Sidewalk

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Big shout out to Brian who was the last person we heard shoveling our side of the street last night. I shoveled (while the Help chatted) half of the block making a path. Then later I heard our neighbor B out with a metal snow shovel, that I think I gave to them a few years ago. And then as we were going to bed, I heard Brian shovelling away.

This morning the path to the corner was clear and salted. It was a completely different story when I turned and was faced with the decision of which snowy patch of sidewalk I wanted to travel down. The only sidewalks shovelled on R St are in front of the Monique and AfriCare. Yes, I know brick is a bitch to shovel. Despite it being all pretty and "historic" looking I hate bricks. Mainly because when it rains loose bricks shoot muddy water on to my legs, in winter it holds the ice so it is slippery, when it snows residents don't even bother shoveling it or salting it because it is so uneven, and all other times individual bricks pop out to trip me.

So I will hold looking down my nose at the brick people and raise a judgemental eyebrow at the unshovelled sidewalks of the concrete people. It is resident's job to clear sidewalks, not the city's. However the city would probably get compliance if they actually bothered issuing fines. If it is not a street that gets mid-day sun I wouldn't bet on it melting away.

Now if you have a shovel 2 inches really isn't hard to remove. While Chatty Patty was going on with a neighbor while clearing off his car, I was doing my impression of a snow plow. Push shovel until the snow is spilling over, then kick the snowy shovel into a treebox or onto a car. Took me no more than 10 minutes to clear a path for 1/2 a block. It takes longer if you're clearing off the whole sidewalk.

Our block has an awesome culture of snow removal. Last year when we had that big snow storm, and I was away from home, I was told that a bunch of guys, including my roommate at the time, cleared off the sidewalk. I failed to indoctrinate my husband yesterday by not telling him to shut up, grab the extra shovel and get to work. I will do better next time, so he can help keep the block awesome.

UPDATE- DDOT has some sort of public awareness about shoveling sidewalks (pdf). But you know what would really help DDOT, is a page, a jpeg, something on your snow management page, a little bit more.


'NOTHER UPDATE: DCist checked and discovered that the law regarding snow removal is old and unenforced.

Miscellaneous note: The O Street Market has a blog.

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We're working on it - the page that is. Thanks.

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