All hail the Ice Chopper

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So during the snowstorm, we shovelled. It is better that way because that was wet heavy stuff that only got harder and icier the longer it was on the ground. So Wednesday night we shoveled our sidewalk, and made paths to the ends of the block. Then Thursday morning, we decided to make a path between the house and the bus stop. 

Two things made our job of clearing paths and sidewalks easier were:

1. Brian's ice chopper

2. Lem's Bobcat

Lem is the neighborhood handiman who has a lot of vehicles, one being a Bobcat, and it cleared off a lot of sidewalk, provided the sidewalk was wide enough to accomodate the mini-tractor.

Brian lent us his ice chopper/ 4 inch forged scraper and that thing is AWESOME on brick. Now as some of you know I totally acknowledge the pain in the buttness of shoveling brick. With the chopper/scraper, I could just easily tear a path in the sidewalk or chop up ice and have The Help (Mr. InShaw)follow with the plastic snow shovel. Not only did we shovel a path (linking parts that were already shovelled by responsible people, thank you) to the bus stop, but we shoveled other paths and someone else's sidewalk.

 Also I should really thank those people who did shovel their sidewalks. You're good people, because you did good. Walking towards the house I noticed a guy with a cane walking on our block's cleared sidewalk and said to The Help that we made that possible, we made the cane guy's walk easier. So thank you to the responsible people.

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