In Shaw Blog slowdown due to temporary insanity

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Well the end of the year and I could wax about what has happened in 2010, but I'm not. But I will say this about 2011, I'm not going to be posting as much and there are several fine neighborhood blogs and websites out there that are doing a far better job than I ever could do. The Bates Area Civic Association blog, the Bloomingdale blog, the CCCA blog, the Mt. Vernon Square site keep me informed regarding things happening in my general vicinity. The slowdown is mainly due to something I'm calling temporary insanity, or better yet a distraction called the Help who I got hitched to over the holidays. Thinking back to some of the unkind things I've said about him during the throes of our platonic friendship, I can only describe my marriage to and current obsession with him as insanity.
Regardless the history research continues. Realizing my distractedness I have once again hired out my cousin to cull the 1930 census and give me juicy details about the lives of the residents of Truxton Circle. I'm also considering reviewing the 1880 census information. Yet that information will more than likely come in slow drips.

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